Teaching vital First Aid to rural Ugandans

We’re pleased to have donated a defibrillator to a local Medical Centre in Masindi where it has become a vital piece of equipment to save lives in rural Uganda. This type of equipment is incredibly rare in Uganda, especially in rural communities outside of the capital Kampala. We hear it has been put to good use already to help teach local children from the Family Spirit Care Centre basic First Aid and Life Support. These skills could save a life and this is even more important in a community where emergency medical care is practically non-existent.

Take a look at the photos below of the children learning First Aid

To learn more about the work of Family Spirit Care Centre visit https://familyspiritcarecentre.wordpress.com/get-involved/

If you would like to learn First Aid, take a look at our First-Aid Courses or contact us at info@lochhealth.co.uk or call 01892 574960

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