Bullying of HR Professionals – Survey

Bullying in the workplace is often an issue that HR professionals have to deal with.  According to ACAS data from November 2015, ACAS receives 20,000 calls each year related to workplace bullying and harassment each year. The TUC in 2015 found a third of people were being bullied at work, with more than 1 in 3 who reported being bullied leaving their job because of it.

But what happens when it is the HR professionals themselves who are being bullied? There is little information available on this but we believe that this does happen and increasingly more so. This is why we have decided to investigate further. We have created a survey to ask HR professionals about their own experience with bullying and what can be done to prevent it.

If you are an HR professional, or know someone who is, please click here and take 10 minutes to fill out, or pass on, our short survey here and be part of this new research.

For guidance and support with bullying or harassment in the workplace please contact our HR Consultants on 01892 578211 or email us on ask@hradvise.me

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